Explain Everything™

“The #1 App for Every Teacher”
Daniel Edwards (@syded06)

A unique interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool used by over a million students and educators.


Select your platform

Import and Insert

Any document, picture or video

PDF Documents and pictures can be added to your project in an instant.


Draw and Annotate

Total freedom of drawing on anything

Use a pen or laser pointer, annotate, highlight text and add shapes with full color palette and transparency. You can draw on anything. Annotations stick to documents and move with them.


Move and Animate

Ideas in motion

Every object including drawings and annotation is movable and can be grouped with other elements of the slide.


Zoom and Pan

Space with no limits

Use an infinite virtual canvas that allows you to show everything you need.


what users say about

Explain Everything™

Explain Everything is a `must-have` application for teachers who have got access to an iPad. It really does support the learning process inside and outside the classroom and is a key part of my own working practice.

Daniel Edwards

We have put Explain Everything on every iPad we have deployed in our school is has been consistently the most used app outside of the camera on an iPad.

Mark Fijor, New School Technology

There are many options with the Explain Everything app that are not offered on many of the other content creation apps we have on our classroom iPads and I think that is one reason they keep coming back to this great app.

Kristen Wideen, Mrs. Wideen’s Blog