Explain Everything 2.30 update

Today we have released an update for Explain Everything – version 2.30. There are many new features in this version that were on top of most requested features list. One of them are  customisable  toolbars. Now you can have the vertical toolbar on the right side! And the bottom one at the top.

We have also added SkyDrive  to the list of our supported cloud services. Now Explain Everything covers all major cloud drives!


Some of Explain Everything users were struggling with adding sound content to their presentation. We thought it would be great to implement an additional feature that makes it possible. In EE 2.30 you can add a sound file with our “Insert an Object” menu. The added sound file can be controlled live, just like a movie, with playback options and a volume slider. All actions are recorded – scrubbing, changing the volume etc.


Now for the fun part – we added a new laser pointer, inspired by a tweet we received the other day: 

Inspiration for light sabre laser pointer

With the new addition to Inspector Tool now you can set elements of the slide to automatically rotate. You can just point at any element, chose Set Rotation and literally spin it! Think about explaining an animated solar system :) 

Along with the system changes we translated Explain Everything to Portuguese. Now our Portuguese speaking friends will have easier access to Explain Everything and we’re proud to have yet another language option for our users. Explain Everything has 14 language versions right now – English, Finnish, French, Turkish, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, Arabic (a big thank you to iPad Educators for proofreading our translation!), Japanese, Russian and Polish.


We’re very happy with the update and we hope to hear from you about your experience with these new additions. Here’s the full list of changes:


      • SkyDrive integration: now you can import and export files from your
      • Sound Import: add an existing sound to presentation with the Import File button.
      • Toolbar orientation: now it is possible to change the placement of both toolbars to left or right and top or bottom.
      • A new laser pointer has been added! In the true tradition of Jedi masters there’s one that points left, right, and one that you can freely rotate. Choose your side of the Force: the saber comes in 3 colors: green, red and blue.
      • Rotating Elements (Inspector tool):  you can set automatic rotation to all elements using the Inspector Tool. 
      • New export screen with hints
      • Improved Twitter integration
      • “Insert an Object” tool has a new popover
      • If your source folder is empty, an appropriate message will appear in it
      • Translations in Sources
      • Portuguese translation



  • On 03/27/2014, by Liane Williams

    Looking forward to camera support for my Samsung tablet!!!!!!!!! (like you have for the iPad.)


    • On 03/27/2014, by Jakub Mastalerz

      Hi Liane,
      thank you for the comment.
      We have this feature on our TO-DO list and it will definitely be implemented in the near future. It’s a bit tricky because of how Android devices can differ from each other though. We want to provide a smooth experience with high performance at the same time (teachers use it as their working tool after all) and we just need to make sure it matches our standard. In a sentence: we’re working on it!


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